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Investors are enjoying strong returns as the property market is seeing high rental demand, and a shortage of quality rental properties to accommodate the growing population, particularly in Queensland South East Region.  Close to public transport, the bayside and local amenities.

The recent share market inconsistency is moving many investors back to property, and quality residential property has long been considered essential to a balanced investment portfolio. High yields and low rental vacancies of less than 3 per cent in Queensland, the lowest level in recorded history.
Meridian Pacific Homes gives you the opportunity to invest in quality residential property in established city locations where own occupiers make up 60% or more of the housing in the area. This is resulting in better tenants, lower vacancy rates, higher rents and above average capital growth. Queensland is renowned for its “Work Live Play” lifestyle, and Brisbane’s Bayside paints this picture perfectly.
Meridian Pacific Homes offers a secure investment opportunity by:
  • Dealing directly with a builder who has been building homes in Queensland for 30 years, and is local to the area. 
  • Fully complete turn-key homes are designed to make your experience as stress-free as possible.  Everything is completed right down to letters boxes, clothes lines, blinds and bath plugs.   
  • We have a range of property types to suit different investors needs all in high capital growth areas, all finished to the same high standard.
  • We have Rental Agencies and Tenants ready to go as soon as the houses are completed, so there are no delays in letting the houses.
  • Besides strong rental returns there are also excellent tax advantages through depreciation with companies like BMT Quantity Surveyors. 
  • And all homes come with a 6 year Builders and Statutory Warranties.


 Mark Furler - October 29, 2010
The Sunshine Coast may be onto a winner with loft homes over garages adding a low-cost housing option for frustrated home buyers.
Loft homes above garages dubbed Fonzie flats, could go for as little as $200,000 at Caloundra South as part of plans to deliver a new diversity of housing for the region.
The man now planning the 50,000-people project, Paul Eagles, said two areas of Caloundra South, Bellvista 1 and 2, would be earmarked for “early release” with developer Stockland expected to have bulldozers on the site within 12 months.
The Urban Land Development Authority boss said Caloundra South would deliver a far greater diversity of housing by offering smaller house and lot sizes.
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Mr Eagles gave examples from the government-owned Fitzgibbon Chase development in Brisbane which he said had delivered small apartments built above a garage from $199,000.
He said the one- and two-bedroom Fonzie flats – named after the character in the hit TV series Happy Days – had been snapped up.